B| THE BEACH BRAND is an eco-conscious swimwear label founded by two sisters with a common goal, establish an independent brand with honests values and transparent practices.

Born in Australia in 2019 and developed in Barcelona, B| THE BEACH BRAND was created with the desire to made minimal and elegant pieces uniquely designed to ensure a perfect fit and at the same time being respectful with our planet.

The connection with the nature that these two sisters have goes beyond the typical use. Born and raise literary surrounded by nature, they have been travelling the world since a very young age following their parents who have transmitted them their love and passion for the earth in every sense of it.

And this is a quick brief of the reason why Maria & Berta Rosiñol have been putting all their efforts in creating beautiful pieces for all women that are ready to build a sustainable future.

Join B| THE BEACH BRAND, take action in the right direction.

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